Tecate Pa'l Norte NFTS

The Legendary Lions collection, celebrating Tecate Pal Norte’s 10th anniversary, gives its loyal fans the opportunity of a life-time to belong to our exclusive group.

Each NFT that you collect comes with exclusive benefits in the real and digital world. We have included unique experiences within the collection through a unique dynamic. Some of the life-time experiences include: Backstage dressing room for you and 5 friends, “Hospitality” access, Tecate Pa'l Norte tickets and other experiences that will be announced on our official social networks and Discord .

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1,000 Unique Legendary Lions

Tecate Pal Norte decided to expand its borders throughout the galaxy and 1,000 lions are in charge of guiding us in this new adventure that surpasses your wildest dreams. These lions will be in charge of leading the pride to new universes. By owning a LION, you have exclusive benefits in the real and virtual world.

At the time of purchase you will receive an unrevealed NFT, later on March 16, we will reveal the collectibles to our proud holders, where you can see your unique NFT with all its unique traits.

Legendary Life-Time Characteristics

If after reveal you are the lucky owner of one of the 100 NFTs with the following traits, you will receive the following life-time benefits.

Life-Time Benefits

Golden Lion

The Golden Legendary Lion gives you and 5 friends, a dressing room in an exclusive backstage area, reserved exclusively to the festival’s artists. This includes the next benefits:

  • Access to the festival's Hospitality and all its benefits

  • Catering service with food and drinks included

  • Exclusive backstage parking spots

  • Among other benefits…

Life-Time Benefits

Legendary Golden Mask

The legendary mask with Tecate logo gives you a double Access, for life, to the “Hospitality” of our event. This includes the next benefits:

  • Access to the festival's Hospitality and all its benefits

  • Access to the 2 VIP Zones

  • Open bar with international drinks

  • Exclusive luxury bathrooms

  • complimentary gastronomic selection

  • Among other benefits...

Life-Time Benefits

Tecate Golden Necklace

This trait gives you a DOUBLE lifetime Access to TECATE District exclusive experience. This includes the next benefits:

  • This includes all the benefits of the general Access

  • Access to the exclusive TECATE brand area

  • Open bar

  • Complimentary gastronomic selection

  • Exclusive restroom

  • Among other benefits...

Life-Time Benefits

Anniversary Background

If the posters of our festivals appear in the background of your NFT, you will have life-time Access to our festival. Some of this year’s benefits are:

  • Access to the festival (and its 9 stages)

  • More than 125 live bands

  • 27 hours of live music

  • More than 50 gastronomic options

  • Free hydration zone

  • Among other benefits...

Benefits Club Tecate Pa'l Norte

1,000 Legendary Lions

  • Fast line to “Tecateverse” zone inside the festival.

  • 1 raffle ticket for 100 Tecate Pa'l Norte 10th Anniversary Commemorative Kits for each NFT. (Only for the 900 without legendary features).

  • 1 double Tecate beer inside the festival, per NFT.

  • Exclusive customized merchandise for NFT holders, for each NFT.

  • Exclusive restrooms inside the festival.

  • Lifetime early bird pre-sale access to the Tecate Pa'l Norte Festival.

  • Lifetime Whitelist for future Tecate Pa'l Norte projects, for each NFT.

  • Lifetime access to exclusive sponsor giveaways.


March 15


The 1,000 Legendary Lions will be released in the Universe. On our Discord we will announce the specifics of launch, such as the time and the official link you will need to use to mint your NFT.

March 19


The day has come. The time to meet your unique lion is here. Our professional design team, brings you the best artistic details in the universe of NFTs. It’s also the date when the owners of the lions with the LEGENDARY CHARACTERISTICS will be revealed.

March 23-March 30

Redeem your benefit

Every holder of a Tecate Pal Norte NFT has exclusive benefits. On March 23, all holders will have to connect their wallet through our Discord and register their information on our website to redeem their exclusive benefit. You will need to be holding the NFT at the time of the event, to receive your benefits. If you sell / transfer your NFT after registration, the new owner of the NFT will be able to register and receive the benefit. Last day to register your ownership is March 30.

April 1-2

Tecate Pa'l Norte 2022

The day has come to enjoy your exclusive benefits and meet the other Legendary Lions of the pride. The stage? Nothing less than the biggest and most powerful festival in Mexico. Artists from all over the world coming together to be part of the country’s biggest music event.

April 6

Roadmap 2.0

Stay tuned to our official social networks as we will be unveiling the upcoming benefits of holding your Legendary Lion.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a one-of-a-kind digital token that you can buy or sell. These tokens can represent just about anything, and they use blockchain technology to prove ownership. Sometimes they are associated with a digital image, GIF, or song. Sometimes they can be redeemed for a physical object. Sometimes the owner is entitled to an experience, like a movie or a phone call. Coachella Collectible NFTs represent access to real-world and lifetime experiences, physical items, digital art, virtual adventures and more.

In the event of a sell-out, and you’re not able to mint on our public sale… you will be able to buy your Legendary Lion in Open Sea. The official Open Sea link of our collection will be available in our official Discord. (DON’T CLICK ON ANY OTHER LINKS - PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCAMS!)

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